Outsourcing Recruitment

Right Track Corporate Service are well-equipped in handling any sort of opening. They provide the back-end support to all kinds of requirements. They also source candidates to support our in-house recruiters. Our sourcing team has members working zealously towards finding the perfect applicant for you. Whether you need a content writer, marketing genius, social media manager, head of engineering, or anything, our sourcing team will constantly be working hard to find the right fit. If you’d like to experience the best in HR outsourcing services,

We manage the end-to-end recruitment process ranging from profiling to on boarding of new employees. We help clients successfully accomplish their recruitment processes by taking the complete ownership of its design and management. We have a track record of managing entire staffing activity of a reputed IT company .Working from our site or yours, our recruiters will collaborate with you- acting as an extension of your existing recruitment department. A comprehensive HR solution can manage the entire recruitment life-cycle for your professional-level staff, or you can selectively use our expertise where your business needs it most.

We serve responsibilities of entire HR operations of our client such as resume management, screening candidates, interview scheduling, on-boarding facilities etc. Teams are deployed both on-site and off-site to manage the client hiring needs as per their culture and structure. Being industry insiders we understand our client world and culture; giving us a leverage to support in recruiting and assessing the right kinds of candidatures. Our commitment towards building sustainable manpower structure has made us build long term relations with our clients.

what we do

  • The selection of the candidate is done by conducting oral or practice test.
  • the selection test is conducted at employer company or his authorized representative.
  • An extensive data pool of candidates to meet your requirements