Manned Guarding Services

Right Track Corporate Service provide complete guarding services for corporate and industries. Services include security screening at the gate and maintaining visitors’ entry, car-park traffic management and security, co-handling the reception along with the receptionist, guarding warehouse / storage areas, escorting cash / goods in transit, continuous patrolling, handling control room, CCTV and alarm monitoring, lone worker management etc.

our personnel are trained to take on more aggressive screening and security measures. Value-added services offered are fire-rescue, safety, first-aid, preliminary paramedic support, performing potential health & safety hazard checks and handling out of hours telephone calls.

offers 24x7 guarding services to residence structures of all sizes – individual houses, apartment complexes, gated community, condominiums and also commercial structures such as retail chains, malls, hotels, hospitals, schools etc., Routine services include, gate-keeping, patrolling, handling control room / CCTV and alarm monitoring, mob-control, car-park traffic management & security and organized evacuation during emergencies. Value-add services offered are fire-rescue, first-aid, preliminary paramedic support, traffic management and valet parking.